Maximize the profitability of digital marketing.

Minimize the complexity.

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Digital Marketing the easy and boring way :)

We do strategic consulting for execs who seeks next level operational autonomy and also offer paid media agency services if you want to extend your teams.

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Soumission Renovation

The Problem we solve

Marketing Technology is ever-changing and proliferating. Digital media has complex and opaque vendor supply chains with rising costs. On top of it, laws are catching up to the new digital age and privacy realities, making it harder for teams to make sense from revenue attribution KPI  from their activities.

Overwhelmed with the above?
Digital Minimal is here to help decompose digital marketing complexity so you can adequately do vision making and ensure proper execution.

Start with a Digital Marketing maturity assessment today.

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Omni Channel Marketing

Get better return on investments with
our Paid Media R&D services

​​We do research and development for paid media to find the best channels for your brand and operationalize them.

Search Ads
Social Ads
Apps Ads
Audio Ads
E-Com Ads​
Google Marketing Platform
and more.
Customer Data Platform CDP Montreal

Leverage marketing technology to support your teams, measure and and activate data

Ethical Data Collection & Usage
Tag Management & Data Collection
Journey Orchestration
Lookalike Models
Segment Discovery
Cross-channel Campaigns
Data Activation

Analytics & Machine Learning

Machine Learning Montreal
Get insight into every step of your customer’s journey on your website to make an impact.

Cross Channel optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization
Customer segmentation
Lead targeting
Advanced lead scoring
Real-time interactions
Lookalike Models on CDP Data
Cross Sell and Upsell on CDP Data
Real Time Content Recommendations on CDP Data
Revenue Attribution Modeling
Customer Data Platform CDP Montreal

Measure Performances

We help you answer the following simple question
"Does it work ?".
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